Kylie Jenner’s New Platinum Hair Will Make You Take A Double Look

Kylie Jenner not only made headlines during New York Fashion Week for her outfits, but also for her new platinum blonde hair.  The new look wasn’t exactly the reality star’s goal, it was in fact an accident.  “I really wanted a nice, honey dirty blonde,” Kylie said.  “When we stated bleaching it, it got so light so fast and I was like ‘Wow, my hair is not damaged, I can do this.’  So I went for it.”  

Kim Kardashian went platinum last year during Paris Fashion Week, and we can’t decide which sister pulled it off better.  It’s not just Kylie’s platinum do that reminds us of Kim Kardashian, but the younger sister has also been sporting similar outfits like Kim.  Scroll down below to see how Kylie’s new look was inspired by Kim’s Paris Fashion Week wardrobe.  

Credit: Getty

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