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Time and time again we try out new beauty products on the market, and sometimes we are happy with our purchases and other times, they go back to the store.  But then we have our go-to products, which will remain in our beauty arsenal forever.  Below are our top six products of all time and why we love them so much.  

We have literally tested every liquid eyeliner on the market, and we weren’t happy until we got our hands on the Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er. We love a good cat eye, and the tip of the pen is designed after classic calligraphy to help you achieve the perfect line. Not only does it go on smoothly, but it doesn’t bleed and stays on perfectly throughout the entire day. Trust us, it will be the best $30 you will ever spend.
We have tried more than our fair share of foundations over the years, but nothing beats the Make Up Forever Mat Velvet Foundation.  It’s water resistant and long lasting.  The Mat Velvet foundation provides full coverage and hides imperfections, with a perfectly powdered finish.  Kim Kardashian who is known for her famous dewy skin, gives credit to this foundation for her flawless complexion.  


When it comes to concealers, we’ve tried them all.  From Mac to Chanel, the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer is the only concealer that hides dark circles and acne scars.  The concealer is highly-pigmented, moisture-rich cream that brightens under the eyes and hides any discloration.  A little of this concealer really goes a long way.

Lacôme’s newest mascara, Grandiose, is our favorite mascara right now. The brush is angled, which provides a ‘winged’ look and really helps to open up the eyes.  

Red lipstick goes with everything.  Whether it’s matte or glossy, bright or deep, a red lip is all you need to complete a flawless look.  Our favorite fiery hue is by Mac – Ruby Woo.  It’s the perfect classic red and long-lasting shade, trust us when we say you can chow down anything when wearing this lipstick.  



The Beauty Blender is one of the best inventions in the beauty world ever!  The blender covers large surfaces of the face, as well as the hard to reach areas around the nose and eyes.  Adding this blender to your beauty routine, will change your life. It gives a dewy finish, and helps if you have dry skin. The best part is that you can simply wash it and reuse!


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