Khloe Kardashian Is Killing The Fitness Game

If you haven’t seen Khloe Kardashian’s fitness themed Complex spread then you must be living under a rock.  The reality star looks unbelievable and lucky for you, she shared her workout routine in Women’s Health magazine.  


Khloe opened up about the start of her fitness journey, saying, “I’ve known Gunnar since I was 15. My mom would take me to school, but I would have to go early for her training session, and I’d see Puff Daddy, Jennifer Lopez, and Cameron Diaz. So when I was like, ‘I’m going to [start] a fitness routine,’ that’s who I called.”

Khloe also gave us a glimpse into her workout closet.  Yes ladies, she has a closet specifically for her workout gear.  The 150 square-foot closet in her L.A. home has plenty of hanging space, shelves for her extensive sneaker collection, dividers for her gym bags, a display case for her accessories and a mini-fridge stocked with Fiji water.

Lisa Adams CEO and Designer of LA Closet Design was the one who custom built the space for Khloe.  She added LED lighting so the case lights up when opened.  

If that’s not dedication, then we don’t know what is.  

 Source: Women’s Health

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